Introduction to “Soliloquy Soliloquy” by Midi Onodera.

A series of 12 1.5-2 minute colour short films titled a level between 1-50, for example Level 16, Level 28 and Level 36, presented chronologically. The titles appear in white text on a black background at the start of each film. Speech bubbles appear over time lapse films which have been shot over a period of time, then sped up.The speech bubbles are read from offscreen by the artist and an AI voice.

Each time lapse film focuses on one scene. Most focus on quiet, house lined streets or busy downtown city streets. They cycle through different weather conditions, times of day and seasons. All films except for one shot from a moving car are filmed from a high vantage point, such as the top level of a house or from a high rise building.

Seven of the films are framed within the features of a commercial building such as a vent, an utility panel and a round safety mirror in a stairwell. The film shot from a moving car appears over vertical blinds in what appears to be a hotel room. One appears on a wall beside a window with it’s ledge lined with small, cartoon figurines. Another appears in a monitor, possibly on the back of a train or airplane seat. Tourism footage of the Statue of Liberty appears on the screen of a payment machine beside it.

Most films show more than one time lapse film side by side. Usually it’s the same scene, but during different times of day. When they appear over an object with linear divisions, such as window blinds or the grates of an air vent, the films appear within the divides.

The films conclude with credits in white letters on a black background which include musical credits, special thanks and the words “From the Soliloquy Series, M. Onodera 2018, 2021”.


Soliloquy Soliloquyseries of 12 videos with sound|~ 1–2 min ea

Interactions / Access

  • Videos are accessible by default, with synchronous voicing provided by Midi Onodera
  • To play without audio access features, deselect AD button
  • Desktop or laptop only please; not compatible with mobile