Images of eight closed hardcover books are arranged in a horizontal row. The covers are light blue, golden yellow, green or gray with muted green undertones. There are two books of each colour. The spines of the books vary. Some are the same colour of the cover, three are purple, and one is orange.

When hovered over the solid colour books change to pale pink or golden yellow. The coloured spined books change to light pink with a textured fuschia and blue spine, mottled green with a blue spine, or textured fuschia and blue with a fuschia spine.

When clicked on, they each open to a unique title page and play a unique sound track. Two can be opened and played at the same time. If a third is opened, the first will close.

The titles are written in black, in a variety of fonts, on a white page.

The title pages turn bright pink when hovered over

Text captions in squared letters slide in from the right or left, above or below the open books.

As the captions conclude the book slowly closes.


Wait Time // Watch Night Servicevideo with sound|~ 9 min

Constellation 8 / ∞ (Octonionic Constellation)digital soundscapes|8 tracks

Interactions / Access

  • Video is accessible by default. To play without audio description, deselect AD button
  • To hide captions or customize size/style, select the CC button
  • Soundscapes may be overlapped by clicking up to two at a time
  • Desktop or laptop only please; not compatible with mobile