A series of four colour posters with black text excerpts from the artist’s novel, On Hell, on a pale pink background. The text resembles the digital font of an early computer with slim, squared letters. All posters have small to medium sized black sketches. Two have multi colour abstract, line illustrations that fill the posters beneath the text.

One poster is half filled with medium sized text. Another is filled with small text. The illustrated posters have tiny text in the centre. One has handwritten cursive text in the bottom right corner

Some sketches are of bones, arms, arrows, circular shapes and x’s. Some resemble ink blots shaped like brush strokes or a teardrop. One looks like a fish head with pointy teeth and a long tongue. They block some of the text on the non-illustrated posters. In one illustrated poster the sketches appear on top. In the other a sketch appears in the bottom right corner.

The lines of the illustrations are thick and mostly in metallic shades of pink or blue with some purple and yellow tones. One resembles two dotted snakes that touch noses with small blobs between them and a rib cage below. The other resembles a smiling oval headed creature with a blob-like body, many legs and a dotted, squared behind. It wears a hat that looks like the body of a bumblebee

Transcripts of the text featured on the posters is available in the “Resources” section of this website.

Black sketches that resemble a fish head with pointy teeth and a long tongue, two brushstroke-esque blotches, scratch marks, an arrow, and a small circle on a pale pink poster.

The Motherfucker Library is a collective citation powered by a “motherfucker” exchange. The artist and curator have made 20 complimentary copies of Hedva’s novel On Hell available in exchange for the submission of a citation to build the Motherfucker Library.

Citations must include the word “motherfucker” used in its most creative, funny, joyous, enthusiastic expression, from any existing media (novel, poem, film, song). For inspiration, check out the 211 instances of the word “fuck” that appear in On Hell.

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Thank you for your submission. You will receive notification once your submission is accepted.

Submissions qualifying for a free copy of the book will be selected by the curator and artist, and announced upon exhibition close. The selected participants will be able to choose between print or ebook; shipping is included for print copies. One submission for one copy per person.

The approved submissions appear below; please check to ensure your citation has not already been submitted.



    On Hell (video)video with sound|~ 7 min

    On Hell (posters)screenprint series|4 designs

    The Motherfucker Librarycollective citation

    The Sun and the Moondigital album|8 tracks

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    • On Hell print sales benefit Medical Aid for Palestinians
    • On Hell works contain explicit language and imagery. Enjoy!
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